Stellaris Invicta: Liberation Day

© 2020 Joan Piqué Llorens, The Templin Institute.
Concept illustration for The Templin Institute's YouTube series Stellaris Invicta. Antares MBT tank and huge air/land battle.

"The liberation of Torix was widely seen as a turning point in the history of the Antares Confederacy. The images of Antares tanks roaring across the battlefields of an alien world in the pursuit of freedom for the oppressed was a powerful one, and invoked many times in the ensuing centuries. “Liberation Day” by renowned Sabmadi artist Joan Piqué Llorens depicts the feeling of pride and integrity that the liberation of Torix and many other worlds since have provoked within the Confederacy. While at times controversial, the piece is a classic, and one of the most famous images in the history of Antares."

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